Lecture Breakers

Virtual Conference 2020 - Digital Badge


step 1

Attend the virtual conference

Participate in the live sessions and/or watch the recordings. Reflect and compile your takeaways from the sessions.


step 2

Consider how you will apply it

Plan for how you implement these ideas in an intentional way into your course(s) by adapting or combining ideas that fit into the context of your discipline and your students.


step 3

CHOOSE 1 of the following activities to learn out loud

Option 1: Post an article or share a video (<3 minutes) in the Lecture Breakers Mighty Networks Community

Option 2: Post a Twitter thread and tag @instructdev and include #LectureBreakers

When composing your article, thread, or video consider the following prompts to help you get started:

-What inspired me to make these changes in my teaching?

-How will this approach empower my students?

-How does this approach align with my teaching philosophy?

-How am I adapting a practice I learned about to fit the context of my classroom, my students, and my discipline?

-How will I know if this implementation is effective?


Feel free to reach out to me via email at instructdevtnt@gmail.com

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